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New York Mesothelioma Lawyers

Legally Reviewed by Joseph P. Williams on January 8, 2024

New York Mesothelioma Lawyers Dedicated to Helping Asbestos Exposure Victims Nationwide

Mesothelioma is a rare but aggressive and deadly form of cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

New York mesothelioma attorney Joseph P. Williams and the team at The Williams Law Firm understand that no amount of money can make up for the physical, emotional and monetary toll this debilitating disease takes from victims and their families. But as passionate and aggressive advocates for those who suffer from mesothelioma, we can help ensure that asbestos exposure victims and their families receive compensation for negligent exposure to the toxic substance.


New York Mesothelioma Resources

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is an asbestos-related disease and a preventable cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers. There are three primary types of mesothelioma, all of which target the mesothelium, a layer of tissue that covers a majority of your internal organs:

  • Pleural mesothelioma, which attacks the mesothelium known as the pleura that surrounds each lung
  • Peritoneal mesothelioma, which occurs in the membranous abdominal cavity lining known as the peritoneum
  • Pericardial mesothelioma, which develops in the membrane around the heart known as the pericardium

Pleural mesothelioma is the most common form of mesothelioma cancer. In rare circumstances, mesothelioma may also develop in the membrane that surrounds the testes; testicular mesothelioma accounts for less than 1 percent of all mesothelioma cases, but it is just as dangerous as more common forms of the disease.

New York Mesothelioma Lawyer

What Are the Symptoms of Mesothelioma?

Unlike some cancers, mesothelioma is difficult to detect in its infancy. Like asbestosis, mesothelioma symptoms are typically not apparent for at least 20 years and often upward of 40 years after exposure to asbestos particles.

Many initial signs of mesothelioma—such as shortness of breath and chest pain—are shared with numerous other medical conditions, which complicates accurate early diagnosis. Mesothelioma victims generally do not learn they have the condition until it is in an advanced stage. Although mesothelioma treatments can help contain the spread of the disease and improve the comfort of victims, there is no known cure.

What Is a Mesothelioma Lawyer?

A mesothelioma lawyer is someone who represents mesothelioma patients with mesothelioma or the surviving loved ones of someone who died from mesothelioma during lawsuits against defendants responsible for causing the illness. New York Mesothelioma lawyers represent victims with illnesses from asbestos exposure. They strive to obtain justice and money damages for individuals and families with mesothelioma by proving the fault or negligence of a defendant.

How Can a New York Mesothelioma Attorney Help?

Hiring a mesothelioma attorney in New York can provide answers to any legal questions you and your family may have during this difficult and confusing time. Your lawyer can explain your rights, list your legal options and help you seek the financial compensation you need to move forward. You will gain access to a list of skills, abilities, knowledge and resources to handle your claim when you hire an attorney. The right lawyer will meet with you in person to discuss your asbestos case, take the time to get to know you and your family, listen to your story, and lead your claim in pursuit of maximum damages.

Client Review: 5/5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Joe was a true professional and was great to work with. He brings expert knowledge to every step of the process. Joe got my father excellent results.

– Andrew Opel

How Does Asbestos Cause Mesothelioma?

The name asbestos encompasses a group of carcinogenic, fibrous minerals that were commonplace in a variety of products and industries due to their bonding properties, insulation qualities, strength, resistance to heat and—importantly—low cost. Asbestos becomes dangerous when its microscopic fibers break apart, are inhaled and lodge in the lungs, which in turn can lead to mesothelioma and lung cancer among other complications.

Occupational exposure and exposure in homes are two common sources of asbestos contamination. Because asbestos fibers are easily transferred, family members of those who worked with asbestos and brought asbestos dust home on their clothes have been known to develop mesothelioma from second-hand asbestos exposure.

Types of Mesothelioma Claims

A mesothelioma claim is an asbestos lawsuit alleging that one party’s negligence caused or greatly contributed to another party’s development of mesothelioma. It is a civil claim in which the filing party (plaintiff) seeks money damages from the at-fault party (defendant). To obtain financial compensation, the plaintiff will have to prove the defendant more likely than not caused his or her mesothelioma. A mesothelioma claim can take a few different forms in New York.

  • Personal injury claim. A standard mesothelioma claim is a personal injury lawsuit that aims to prove the defendant is liable for the personal injury – or illness, in the case of mesothelioma – of the plaintiff.
  • Wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim may come after the death of a family member or spouse due to mesothelioma. This type of claim alleges that someone is responsible for the fatality due to negligence or a tort.
  • Trust fund claim. A mesothelioma trust fund claim seeks compensation from one of the many trust funds the government or a company set up specifically to compensate victims of asbestos exposure. This might be appropriate if the company you wish to file against has a trust fund or has declared bankruptcy.

You might also have a product liability claim if you are seeking damages from the manufacturer of a product that contained asbestos or a workers’ compensation claim if you were exposed to asbestos at work. Your type of claim can determine important things such as your deadline to file. Speak to the New York mesothelioma lawyers at The Williams Law Firm, P.C. for a free consultation about the type of mesothelioma claim you might have.

How to File a Mesothelioma Claim in New York

If you or a loved one has mesothelioma, contact our attorneys for assistance bringing a claim. We can gather documentation to support your claim against a defendant, such as medical records from your doctor, employment documents, expert testimony, and proof of medical bills. Then, we can fill out the required paperwork and file it before New York’s deadline. Our New York mesothelioma lawyers can help you identify the defendant, build a case, list damages and demand a fair amount of compensation for your serious illness.

Who Can File a Mesothelioma Claim?

You may file a mesothelioma claim if you are the patient after exposure to asbestos. If your loved one has mesothelioma and is not in a fit state to file, you can initiate the process on his or her behalf. You may also file if you are the close living relative of someone who passed away from mesothelioma or another asbestos-related disease. Relatives can file wrongful death mesothelioma claims in New York on behalf of the deceased person’s estate. A successful wrongful death lawsuit could help your family offset the costs of medical expenses, funeral and burial debts, and lost earnings.

New York Mesothelioma Claims Process

Bringing a mesothelioma claim in New York takes an investigation, research, evidence gathering, and filing a claim with the correct court. At this point, your lawyer may be able to settle your claim during pretrial hearings and motions – saving you from going to trial. Otherwise, your lawyer can represent your family in court in pursuit of fair results.

How Long Does a Mesothelioma Lawsuit Take?

From start to finish, the entire mesothelioma lawsuit process can take 12 months or longer to complete. Most mesothelioma cases end within a year of the plaintiff filing the initial claim. It may only take a few months, for instance, if your lawyer can successfully work out a settlement. The length of time a case takes varies on a case-by-case basis. The timeframe of your mesothelioma case will depend on factors such as whether the defendant agrees to settle, where you file your suit, how busy the courthouse is, the date of the trial and more. Hiring an experienced New York mesothelioma lawyer experienced in asbestos litigation can make your mesothelioma lawsuit as efficient as possible.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Mesothelioma Claims in New York?

Do not wait to file a mesothelioma claim in New York. The state has statutes of limitations on these claims. These laws limit how long a plaintiff has to file before he or she will lose the right to seek financial recovery for damages. In general, someone with mesothelioma in New York will have three years from the date of the diagnosis of the disease to file a personal injury claim. If the plaintiff is filing a wrongful death claim, he or she will have two years from the loved one’s date of death.

How Much Is a Mesothelioma Case Worth?

At The Williams Law Firm, P.C., we know no amount of compensation can make up for a terminal illness or the loss of a loved one. Money will not reverse the damages mesothelioma has had on your physical, emotional and financial health. However, we also recognize the healing and closure that can come with a fair and full compensatory award.

A successful claim could result in compensation for your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, lost capacity to earn, legal fees, punitive damages, and pain and suffering. Receiving maximum compensation for your damages can help your family pay off debts, afford necessary medical treatments, improve your quality of life and give you hope for the future. n the event an asbestos manufacturer or company went bankrupt or out of business, a mesothelioma victim can still recover financial compensation for his or her exposure to asbestos products through a state or federal asbestos trust fund. Contact an asbestos lawyer to find out what your specific mesothelioma case might be worth and how to get the mesothelioma litigation process started.

Mesothelioma Attorney New York

New York Job Sites Where Mesothelioma Victims Worked

There are hundreds of military and commercial job sites throughout the state of New York that have exposed unaware workers to asbestos. Listed below are some of the worst employers and work sites that have had mesothelioma lawsuits filed against them by an asbestos victim in New York.

<!– Do not edit the list below. It has been modified to show as two columns manually –>


  • Agency Building
  • Schaefer Brewery
  • Star Textile
  • Thruway Authority Building


  • Astoria Generating Station


  • Bethlehem Steel Shipyard
  • Brooklyn Coastal Dry Dock
  • Brooklyn Naval Shipyard
  • Todd Shipyards Corporation
  • U.S. Naval Shipyard


  • Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant


  • American Brass Foundry
  • Chevrolet Axle Plant
  • Dunlop Tire & Rubber
  • Republic Steel
  • Western Electric


  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation


  • Empire State Building
  • Radio City Music Hall


  • ALCOA Aluminum Plant
  • Aluminum Corporation of America
  • Plancor
  • Torrington Industries

New York City

  • 40th Street Powerhouse
  • Bankers Trust Office Building
  • Chase Manhattan Bank
  • Con Edison
  • Glen Clove Power Plant
  • GMD Shipyard
  • Grand Central Station
  • Long Island Railroad/Penn Station
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Pan Am Building
  • Pennsylvania Central Railroad
  • Rockefeller Center
  • Seatrain Shipbuilding Corporation
  • Subway
  • Western Electric
  • World Trade Center


  • Danskammer Point Powerhouse
  • Pearl River
  • Lederle Laboratory


  • Ravenswood Powerhouse


  • Bausch & Lomb Building
  • Delco Plant
  • Eastman Kodak Processing Lab
  • Rochester Electric & Gas
  • Rochester Products


  • American Locomotive Plant
  • Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
  • Old American Locomotive Works
  • Schenectady County Courthouse

Staten Island

  • Arthur Kill Powerhouse
  • Bethlehem Steel Shipyard


  • Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation


  • International Paper Company


  • Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
  • General Electric French Road
  • General Electric Plant
  • General Electric State Street
  • Utica Knitting Co.

The New York asbestos companies listed above are not the only businesses that used asbestos. If you or a loved one was diagnosed with mesothelioma and believe it may have been caused by occupational asbestos exposure at a job site not on the list above, contact New York mesothelioma lawyer Joseph Williams for a free legal consultation. He will be able to provide you with more information regarding asbestos law, your legal options, and tell you whether or not the job site in question has a history of exposing workers to asbestos.

Free Consultation With a New York Mesothelioma Lawyer

If you or a loved one was diagnosed with mesothelioma, New York mesothelioma attorney Joseph P. Williams can help you pursue compensation for medical expenses and other related damages.

Please contact The Williams Law Firm, P.C. today for your free, no-obligation consultation. We welcome clients from New York and nationwide, and we don’t charge for our services unless we secure a mesothelioma settlement on your behalf.

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