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How to Choose Your Mesothelioma Doctor

Legally Reviewed by Joseph P. Williams on October 24, 2023

Guidance from Experienced New York Mesothelioma Attorney

You were likely referred to an oncologist, or cancer doctor, just as soon as you were diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer from asbestos exposure. However, nothing is more important to The Williams Law Firm, P.C., than knowing that our clients are receiving that absolute best care for their illness—and that they have the financial resources necessary to pay for that care.

If you’re living in New York City with mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer, there may be funds available to help offset the costs of your current medical care. Our New York mesothelioma lawyer can help you access those funds and ensure that you are receiving aggressive, personalized care as your lawsuit is pursued and resolved.

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Oncologists specialize in treating people with serious and potentially fatal diseases such as mesothelioma. Few people will be more pivotal to your quality-of-life going forward as your cancer doctor, so it’s essential that you feel secure with this doctor’s training, treatment, methodology, staff, and bedside manner.

If you’re beginning to shop around for a new oncologist, the American Society of Clinical Oncology recommends that patients consult several reputable organizations and get several doctors’ names so that they can determine which of them is the best option.

These organizations include:


Once you have the names of doctors you’d like to speak to, there are a number of other things to look and watch for. Here are four additional pieces of advice that may be helpful as you set out to find a new cancer doctor:

  • Tip #1: Don’t go it alone. Confide in family members or friends about what you may like or dislike in a particular doctor, and listen to their advice and feedback.
  • Tip #2: Find an oncologist who specifically specializes in treating mesothelioma or asbestos lung cancer.
  • Tip #3: Make sure any doctors you’re interested in seeing have appropriate training, certification, and credentials to see you through your cancer fight. You also want to feel secure with this doctor’s practice staff and clinical setting.
  • Tip #4: Make sure any potential doctors accept your insurance plan, and that they’re open to referring you to other specialists when your care plan dictates as much. You also may want a doctor who either participates in, or is well aware of, the latest clinical trials to impact your particular disease.

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