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Cable Splicers Sue Over Asbestos Exposure

Although the use of asbestos has been banned for decades, our New York asbestos attorneys know that occupational exposure continues to be a serious problem for workers from many different fields. Consider one recent case brought by utility employees in Tennessee after they experienced asbestos exposure on the job.

Utility Workers Sue

Twelve cable splicers employed by Nashville Electric Service are suing the utility company for asbestos exposure. They allege that they were routinely exposed to asbestos from fireproof wrapping around underground power conductors that they were tasked with maintaining and repairing. They additionally charge that they were misled by employers who told them that the wraps did not contain asbestos, or that the levels were within safe limits. When the wrap was tested, it became clear that was not the case. Later removal efforts were to be handled under Tennessee Occupation Safety and Health Administration rules requiring protective equipment, but the claimants allege that it was not provided. Several of the workers are already showing signs of health problems from exposure.

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