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New Gene Targeted for Mesothelioma Therapy

Posted On July 28, 2016

P2RX7 is a protein-coding gene that is expressed by mesothelioma cancer cells. A new study is looking into medications that might block P2X7R and inhibit [...]

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New Blood Biomarker Aids in Early Diagnosis of Mesothelioma

Posted On July 21, 2016

A recently identified blood biomarker, activin A, may prove useful in the early detection of mesothelioma. Equally promising, this new biomarker may even allow [...]

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Study Links Asbestos Exposure to Renal Cell Carcinoma

Posted On July 14, 2016

Renal cell carcinoma occurs in the lining of the proximal convoluted tubule – part of the tubes in the kidneys responsible for transporting waste molecules. [...]

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Avelumab Shows Promise in Mesothelioma Treatment

Posted On July 7, 2016

Avelumab is an immunotherapy drug that is currently in development for the treatment of NSCLC. A clinical trial involving 2,200 patients – 53 of whom [...]

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