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Bethlehem Steel Shipyards

New York Asbestos Exposure Attorney

For decades, asbestos was used in the building and maintenance of Navy and commercial ships, and workers were commonly exposed to asbestos and asbestos-containing products in shipyards. Sadly, many of these workers went on to develop mesothelioma or lung cancer.

If you or a loved one worked in a shipyard, such as the Bethlehem Steel Shipyards, and was later diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer, New York mesothelioma attorney Joseph P. Williams may be able to help you and your family seek the financial security you need.

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How to File a Claim for Asbestos Exposure

If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos, you may want to file a claim for any potential losses you face. These losses can include medical bills and time you need to take off work, but filing a claim and receiving compensation is not always as simple as we would like. To file a claim for asbestos exposure, you must identify who is responsible for the exposure to toxic materials.

In a steel shipyard, you may hold the owner of the facility or the owner of the company liable for your exposure. However, there may be complications if contractors or employees with alternate job sources are impacted. Depending on your relationship with the at-fault company or companies, you may need to find alternate avenues to file a claim.

Worker’s compensation may be an option for you to receive payment for your losses. Still, you may also file against someone’s business insurance, other applicable coverage, or against an individual or company directly. This can be not easy if you don’t have significant experience in legal matters, but a lawyer can help you identify what will be most beneficial to your needs.

History of Asbestos in Bethlehem Steel

In 1938, the Bethlehem Steel Corporation purchased a shipbuilding center and dry dock facility then known as United Shipyards. Located on Staten Island at the mouth of Newark Bay, the shipyard was soon renamed to Bethlehem Steel Shipyard Staten Island.

The shipyard was a major center of ship-building operations for the Navy during World War II and continued to operate in the decades after the war. Bethlehem Steel closed the shipyard in 1960.

Shipyards found many uses for asbestos over the years. Widely used as insulation, asbestos was deployed in or on:


Employees at the Bethlehem Shipyards may have been exposed to asbestos while building and maintaining ships and throughout the facility. Many U.S. Navy veterans also suffered the devastating effects of asbestos exposure.

Health Hazards of Asbestos Exposure

There are many potential health hazards and adverse effects that come with asbestos exposure, all of which require medical attention. We strongly recommend you seek medical attention as soon as you suspect you have been exposed to asbestos. Your doctor and medical team can help you determine whether you have any of the following conditions as a result of asbestos exposure:

  • Shortness of breath, chronic
  • Whooping cough
  • Mesothelioma
  • Cancer, including lung or gastrointestinal
  • Respiratory system inflammation
  • Kidney failure
  • Other complications that may be fatal

If you need help finding medical assistance, including receiving a referral to a specialist, your lawyer can help. An asbestos exposure attorney from Williams Law Firm can provide a referral or other recommendations for your care based on your specific needs. Seeking medical attention will also help with legal matters, as any documentation may serve as evidence that favors your claims.

How Can an Asbestos Exposure Attorney Help You?

If you have been involved in any legal matters, we strongly recommend you work with a lawyer. By working with an experienced asbestos exposure attorney, you are much more likely to walk away with fair compensation and a successfully won legal battle. Your lawyer can speak on your behalf, complete and file any related paperwork, level the playing field against other parties and representatives, and far more to support you.

We strongly recommend you avoid representing yourself during legal matters, even in those where you are not trying to prove a lack of guilt. A lawyer is far more likely to represent you fairly, maintain the value of your case, and help you receive the compensation you qualify to receive. This compensation will be essential to aid you during your recovery, so working with a lawyer with the faculty to represent you well will make it much easier for you to heal.

Please do your best to contact the Williams Law Firm at your earliest convenience, as this is a great way to ensure your lawyer has sufficient time to dedicate to your case. This will allow your attorney to collect evidence, analyze facts, construct arguments in your favor, and gain a strong understanding of your needs and circumstances.


If you or a loved one worked at the Bethlehem Steel Shipyards in Staten Island and later developed mesothelioma or lung cancer, please contact Williams Law Firm, P.C. today to arrange your free consultation with an asbestos attorney in New York. We welcome clients nationwide.


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