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Asbestos Found in Many Common Products

Legally Reviewed by Joseph P. Williams on August 11, 2023

While we are all under the impression asbestos was only used in specific industries, such as construction, vehicle manufacturing, material building, and more, this simply isn’t the case. What may be most shocking is that asbestos can unexpectedly be found in a number of household, daily-use items. In fact, despite the widespread understanding of its debilitating effects, asbestos has not yet been completely eliminated across various markets.

Asbestos fiber

Asbestos has been used in a wide range of household items.

One of the most shocking places asbestos has been found is in children’s toys, most prominently in crayons. These particular sets of Disney and Power Ranger themed crayons were imported over from China, which happens to be the biggest importer and producer of asbestos in the world, second only to Russia. Though the contamination was slight, it is never a risk worth taking. Any amount of asbestos exposure can be tragic, especially in children.

Another place in which asbestos was tested and found was in various cosmetics and personal hygiene products, particularly in the brand Justice–marketed specifically for young teens. Johnson & Johnson, a mega-company responsible for countless products on the market today, have also come under fire for having talcum powder in their products, which has similarly linked to asbestos.


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