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Chemotherapy Alternative Shows Promise in Treating Mesothelioma

Posted On December 21, 2015

Our asbestos lawyers are encouraged by recent news that doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have registered positive results from clinical trials that looked [...]

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Asbestos Exposure at Home: One Town’s Nightmare

Posted On December 2, 2015

Our New York City asbestos lawyers frequently represent individuals and families whose lives changed indelibly after lethal on-the-job asbestos exposure during the course of their [...]

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Asbestos Red Flag: Other Construction Site Penalties

Posted On November 16, 2015

Recent news that the nation is experiencing a coast-to-coast crackdown on construction site violations, and that many of the companies caught up in unrelated safety [...]

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NY Town Covers Asbestos Cleanup Costs to Spur Growth

Posted On November 9, 2015

In yet another example for our attorneys of the way that asbestos abatement impacts New York communities, officials with the City of Newburgh announced recently [...]

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