Home Asbestos Testing: What New Yorkers Should Know

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A word of caution from The Williams Law Firm, P.C.: If you have any reason to suspect that your home may be contaminated with asbestos, it is critical that you get it tested by a professional as soon as possible to avoid the dangers of asbestos exposure.

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"Is There Asbestos in My Home?"

Our asbestos attorneys realize that hiring a licensed professional to come to your home and perform asbestos testing can be expensive. The good news is that home testing kits are available that allow you to collect samples and test them yourself or send them to a lab. These tests are less expensive, but they are not without problems.

The Basics of Home Testing Kits

When you use an at-home asbestos testing kit, you collect a sample of the material in your home that you suspect may contain asbestos, then you place the sample in a provided bag.

For immediate results, you can choose a kit that allows you to perform the chemical testing at home. This type of test is the least accurate of the DIY asbestos testing options available. When you choose a kit that allows you to mail off your sample to a lab, the results tend to be more accurate.

Home Testing Kit Risks

There are two issues to consider before using an at-home testing kit. They both stem from the fact that you collect the sample yourself.

DIY Asbestos Testing Issue #1: As you collect the sample for testing, you are disturbing the material and any asbestos that it contains, so you may expose yourself to this potentially-dangerous mineral. Professionals have the proper equipment to protect themselves from this exposure risk, and to properly clean and close up the affected area so that it does not pose a hazard to you and your family after the sample is collected.

DIY Asbestos Testing Issue #2: Knowing what to collect. Professionals know where asbestos products are most likely to be lurking in your home. Without that expertise, you could just be making a guess to where you think asbestos might be. That means that even "negative" results could potentially be inconclusive.

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