Asbestos Exposure in New York

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New York’s ascent as a commerce hub and population center largely coincided with the Industrial Revolution and the rise of widespread asbestos use.

This boom involved many industries and occupations with high risks for exposure to asbestos, a carcinogenic mineral that can cause mesothelioma and lung cancer. The New York asbestos attorney from the team at The Williams Law Firm, P.C. dedicates time and attention to helping asbestos exposure victims and their families from across the country recover the financial security they need and sense of justice they deserve as they cope with these deadly—and entirely preventable—cancers.

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Workplace Asbestos Exposure in New York

A densely populated seaport state that is a center of industry and home to the numerous power plants necessary to support its tens of millions of citizens, New York features a broad cross-section of work environments and jobs in which asbestos exposure was common.

Prominent facilities in the New York and New Jersey areas known to have contained asbestos or asbestos-based products include:

Please see our Asbestos Job Sites in New York page for an expanded list of New York and New Jersey work sites known to have a heightened risk of asbestos exposure.

Other Means of Asbestos Exposure in New York

For a time, New York hosted the largest producer of asbestos-containing products in the world, H.W. Johns Manufacturing. New York also has natural asbestos deposits, some of which housed mining operations that led to mesothelioma and lung cancer among workers.

Although occupational exposure is the most common source of asbestos contamination, innocent people have also developed mesothelioma and lung cancer through asbestos contact in homes, apartments, businesses and schools. Because the asbestos fibers that eventually lead to the development of mesothelioma and lung cancer are tiny and easily transferrable, many people have also become ill through second-hand asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Awareness & Lawsuits Today

While asbestos use has become more tightly regulated since the 1970s, there are still many sites that contain asbestos. Among its other devastating effects, the World Trade Center attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and Hurricane Sandy, raised new concern in the boroughs of New York City about the hazards of asbestos exposure; thousands of tons of products with asbestos were used in the construction of the twin towers in the 1960s, and in the wake of 9/11 the air was filled with dust and other particulates, including asbestos fibers.

If you or a family member suffers from mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer, enlist the services of an experienced New York asbestos exposure attorney. A successful lawsuit can help you afford medical treatment and significantly improve quality of life.

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